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Recombinant Protein
Recombinant proteins are obtained by the use of recombinant DNA or recombinant RNA. The expression platforms of recombinant protein mainly include five expression systems: escherichia coli, bacillus subtilis, yeast, mammalian cells and insect baculovirus cells.
MAP2(Phospho Ser136); MAP2 (phospho S136); p-MAP2 (phospho S136); MAP2(Phospho S136); MAP2(Phospho-Ser136); p-MAP2(Phospho-Ser136); DKFZp686I2148; Dendrite specific MAP; DKFZp686I2148; MAP 2; MAP-2; MAP2; MAP2_HUMAN; MAP2A; MAP2B; MAP2C; Microtubule assoc
Species Reactivity:
ELISA=1:500-1000IHC-P=1:100-500IHC-F=1:100-500Flow-Cyt=0.2μg /TestIF=1:100-500(Paraffin sections need to do antigen repair)not yet tested in other applications.optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.
Cat.#: SL3259R
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